By Juliya Bokhan



Forms of Entertainment

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Today’s world has become very busy; people do not have time to take care of themselves. They are obsessed with work pressure, because the survival in today’s world has become very difficult, most of them in the family has to go for job to support the family, such difficult situations increase the pressure of everyone, and cause health issues like weight gain, weight loss, pressure, depression and much more. These issues should be left carelessly otherwise it causes long term ill effects in future.

In this busy life we need to relax ourselves. The best way to relax ourselves is through entertainment. Entertainment is the act of enjoyment; there are various ways of entertainment. But it completely depends on us to choose the best way, which suits us. Entertainment makes us happy; it makes us forget the stressful situations. Engaging us in various activities helps us to also work efficiently on our core work as well. Because we would have the proverb all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. In a daily schedule we need to allocate at least 30% of time for having fun. Allocating this time would be definitely beneficial for our health both physical and mental.


Various forms of entertainment:

There are various forms of entertainment which include fitness, athletics, sports, playing video games, watching movies and much more.  Entertainment makes us more physically active, when we sit at a single place it causes headaches, body aches, depression, and it makes our digestion process even more slow. When we entertain ourselves, we tend to move out from being idle and start engaging ourselves and our muscles become flexible and we are free from various illness. Because being idle is main cause for all diseases. It has been scientifically proved that laughing cures heart diseases; it stimulates your lungs, and cures various respiratory problems, laughing burns calories and also reduces the risk of obesity. When we watch humour scenes, it refreshes our mind it pushes us away from all our negative thinking and helps us to think everything in a positive manner.  Depression is the most commonly thing we find nowadays, people of all age groups become depressed, entertainment also reduces depression and makes us happier it diverts us from all sorrows and stress we face and makes us happier till the end of our life. So it is very important to include entertainment in our life.