By Juliya Bokhan


Parenting Style

Parenting: Raise Yourself Before Raising Your Child

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Parenting is the process of raising children, taking care and providing them protection to ensure the best development in their adulthood. Every child is unique. There is no perfect style of parenting, but then to there is some points which are applicable to all children for parents to be a good parents.

  • Children needs a friend, not a boss

First thing we need to understand that children only come through us, not from us. They are not your property. If you treat as your property or future investment, you are committing sacrilege against the creation and creator. To be a friend of your children listen to your child what he/she wants, what are their likes and dislikes? Don’t make all their decision by yourself. Motivate and appreciate your child for every nice and small thing they do.

  • Don’t compare your child with any other child

When you compare your child with any other children on any matter like discipline, education, personality, etc. It causes frustration in them. Frustration is the root of anger and rebellion.

Before comparing your, you should envision yourself if your child compare you with other parents how would you feel. So instead of comparing those with others appreciate them as they are.

Parenting Style

  • Make them realize importance of things

Don’t do oversupply or undersupply of things like food, money, toys, facilities. Provide them things according to their needs neither too much nor too less. Nowadays, parents feed their children forcefully or by give them gadget to make them eat. That’s not good by doing this you are damaging their default system of eating created by God. Children know their self better when to eat, how much to eat. If they didn’t eat at all, that they are not well it means they need to see the doctor. Provide them money and toys according to their needs. If you give them money and toys according to your affordability then they will not learn the importance of stuffs, because they are easily getting it. Also if you didn’t provide them things according to their needs it will not help in building their overall personality.

  • Develop self-esteem in your child

Teach your child self-love, it will build confidence in your child and develop the all-rounded personality of your child. Make them independent after certain age. Make them to take their decision by themselves. Make them free to choose future and interests. If he /she are unable to find his /her interest then be patient and support your child to do so.