By Juliya Bokhan


Understanding the Distinction: Public Adjuster vs. Insurance Adjuster

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Navigating the complexities of insurance claims can be a daunting task, especially when faced with property damage or loss. In such situations, having the right professionals by your side can make all the difference. Two key figures involved in the claims process are public adjusters and insurance adjusters. While they may sound similar, they serve distinct roles and have different responsibilities. Dolphin Claims specializes in public adjusting services in Tamarac, providing dedicated assistance for with meticulous attention to detail. Understanding the differences between them is crucial for policyholders seeking fair compensation for their losses.

Public Adjusters: Advocates for Policyholders

Public adjusters work exclusively on behalf of policyholders, advocating for their interests throughout the claims process. These professionals are licensed by the state and are independent of insurance companies. Their primary objective is to ensure that policyholders receive the maximum compensation entitled to them under their insurance policy. Public adjusters assess damages, evaluate coverage, and negotiate with insurance companies to secure a fair settlement for their clients.

Working Effectively with a Public Adjuster

Insurance Adjusters: Representatives of Insurance Companies

Insurance adjusters, also known as company or independent adjusters, are employed by insurance companies to assess claims and determine the extent of coverage. Unlike public adjusters, their loyalty lies with the insurer, and their goal is to protect the interests of the company while fulfilling policy obligations. Insurance adjusters investigate claims, analyze policy terms, and offer settlements based on their findings. They aim to mitigate losses for the insurance company while adhering to industry regulations.

Scope of Authority

One of the fundamental differences between public adjusters and insurance adjusters lies in their scope of authority. Public adjusters have the authority to represent policyholders and negotiate directly with insurance companies on their behalf. They have extensive knowledge of insurance policies and are skilled in interpreting coverage terms to maximize benefits for their clients. In contrast, insurance adjusters have the authority to assess claims and offer settlements within the parameters set by the insurance company.

In conclusion, while both public adjusters and insurance adjusters play critical roles in the insurance claims process, they serve different functions and represent opposing interests. Tamarac residents benefit from Dolphin Claims’ expertise in public adjusting, ensuring thorough support throughout the process for fair outcomes.